Quantum Institute utilizes affordable, medically proven brain-mapping technology to provide individual athletes, coaches and physicians unmatched clarity regarding the location and severity of a concussion. As a diagnostic tool, Q‑MAP® systematically measures and compares an athlete’s post-injury map against the individual’s baseline utilizing multi-dimensional imaging platforms. Real-time visual confirmation of injury and recovery promote confidence for critical return-to-play decisions. Q‑MAP® is Proven for athletes under the age of 10, not covered by current cognitive testing platforms.


In early 2014, Quantum will introduce the Q‑ZONE® Concussion Brain Strengthening Program. Q‑ZONE® offers both concussed and non-concussed athletes access to our unique brain strengthening tools by matching an individual’s Q‑MAP® with visual interactions and neurofeedback. Like tissue changes in muscle after exercise, the brain endures changes after brain training as well. Quantum’s Q‑ZONE® utilizes neurofeedback gaming technology to increase brain fitness by promoting new neural connections, patterns and pathways. When the brain is highly interconnected and active, the mind and body have a better chance of adapting to injury. And for athletes who simply want to improve concentration, reaction time and dexterity or have a sharper mental edge to compete, the Q‑ZONE® technology can greatly enhance performance.


In addition to our concussion center, the Quantum Institute will launch a state-of-the-art athletic development center in late 2014. By expanding the applications our existing technology and applying our basic principles of brain fitness, Quantum’s Mind-Body Training Programs will revolutionize injury prevention, strength training, explosive and agility training, proprioception expansion, as well as sports- and position-specific skill development to optimize performance of today’s youth, college and professional athletes.